High Value Man Explained Simply

High Value Man – All You Need To Know

In this post, we’ll unpack all you need to know about a High Value Man, defining exactly what the term means, the qualities that universally define a HMV and more.

What Is A High Value Man?

A High Value Man (HVM) is generally defined as a male individual who possesses characteristics associated with traditional masculinity that are deemed desirable by women.

The characteristics that generally constitute what a HVM is are subjective. However, there are a number of characteristics that are universally accepted.

“A High Value Man is someone who other men want to be and other women want to be with.”

What Qualities Define A High Value Man?

From an evolutionary perspective, the qualities that women traditionally find attractive in men are those that enhance survival and reproduction.

Since women are considered the more “vulnerable” sex, they evolved to select for security. Thus, there are three primary qualities that women desire in a male which therefore make him perceived high value. They are:

  • Physique which indicates a man’s ability to protect, his health, strength, fitness and genetic quality.
  • Recourses which indicates a man’s ability to provide.
  • Status which indicates a man’s power, influence and access to resources.

There are also a number of other qualities that make a man desirable in the eyes of women. Confidence which indicates competence. Emotional intelligence which indicates the ability to foster healthy and supportive relationships. Leadership which indicates the ability to guide others. Ambition which indicates a man’s commitment to self-improvement and future success.

When a man possesses these qualities, he increases his Sexual Market Value and therefore his chances of success in the Sexual Market Place.


A High Value Man is an individual who possesses a combination of traditional masculine qualities that make him desirable by women.

The three primary qualities that define a HVM are physique, recourses and status. Other qualities that make a man desirable include confidence, emotional intelligence, leadership and ambition.