Sexual Market Value

Sexual Market Value (SMV) – All You Need To Know

In this post, we’ll unpack all you need to know about Sexual Market Value, defining exactly what it is, factors that determine it, the peaks of men and women and more.

What Is Sexual Market Value?

Sexual Market Value (SMV), also known as mate value, refers to an individual’s level of attractiveness to the opposite sex which ultimately influences the quality of mate they can in turn attract.

What Determines An Individuals Sexual Market Value?

The attraction cues of both men and women ultimately determine their respective SMV.

Men prioritise fertility. Thus they look for signals of youth and health (e.g. hourglass figure, smooth skin and high-pitched voice) which therefore determine a woman’s SMV.

Women prioritise security. Thus they looks for signals of strength and recourses (e.g. v-shape figure, status, low-pitched voice) which therefore determine a man’s SMV.

While we live in modern-age times, we still bear Stone Age minds. Consequently, these dynamics still play out in today’s society.

“Men create their value. Women preserve their value.”

The SMV Peaks Of Men & Women

A man’s SMV, as determined by what women prioritise (strength and recourses) peaks around the age of 36. A woman’s SMV, as determined by what men prioritise (youth and fertility) peaks around the age of 23.

Because the older men are, the more resources they have and because the younger women are, the more fertile they are, men tend to date women who are younger than them and women tend to date men who are older than them.

It is important to note that SMV should not be confused with personal worth. SMV is how much others value you. Personal value is how much you value yourself.

Women should marry when they are about eighteen years of age, and men at seven and thirty; then they are in the prime of life, and the decline in the powers of both will coincide.” ― Aristotle


Sexual Market Value refers to how desirable an individual is in the mating market which consequently determines one’s own dating power.

A man’s SMV comes from his ability to provide security. A woman’s SMV comes from her ability to provide children.

As a consequence of what both sexes prioritise when seeking a mate, the SMV of men generally increases as they age while the SMV of women generally decreases as they age.


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