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Female Fitness Tests – All You Need To Know

In this post, we’ll unpack all you need to know about Female Fitness Tests, defining exactly what they are, their role in evolution, why they are used, the different types, how to capitalise on them and more.

What Are Fitness Tests?

Fitness Tests, also known in Red Pill circles as shit tests, are verbal and non-verbal tools that humans use for gathering information about an individuals fitness ― their ability to survive and reproduce.

While Fitness Tests are not exclusive to either sex, they are more commonly associated with women.

The Evolutionary Perspective

From an evolutionary perspective, Fitness Tests evolved as an adaptation to help solve the problem of assessing an individual’s fitness ― their ability to successfully survive and reproduce due to adaptations that fit the challenges of one’s current environment. This was an essential aid when deciding who to mate with.

Why Women Use Fitness Tests

In our ancestral past, a women’s sexual selection was a matter of life or death. To this effect, she had to assess the honest signals from the fake ones. Her way of achieving this was through a Fitness Test.

A Fitness Test enabled women to gain vital information about a man’s character. In other words, a Fitness Test was quite literally a survival mechanism. Failure to correctly identify a competent man meant death for both her and her offspring.

Therefore, for a man, overcoming a woman’s Fitness Test is essentially signalling to a woman that he is capable of being an ideal partner and father.

Male Fitness Tests

Fitness Tests aren’t just hardwired into women they’re also hardwired into men.

Fitness testing is the foundation of any hierarchy. Whether consciously or unconsciously, humans determine their status in relation to others by testing their boundaries.

Thus, men test eachother to determine who the Alpha is. A man who fails a test too many times will eventually lose his place at the top of the hierarchy.

Why Men Should Embrace A Woman’s Fitness Tests

It’s important to understand that in most cases, a woman’s desire to test men is subconscious. She does it without realising.

A woman will always test her man because her sexual strategy of hypergamy requires that she is always with the most competent man possible.

Therefore, even when in a relationship, a woman will always test her man as a way to continually validate her belief that she is with the most competent man. What will change is the frequency and severity of her tests. The more secure a woman feels around a man, the more she trusts him and the more she is in his masculine frame, the less she will feel the need to test him.

In short, Fitness Tests are a way for women to experience a man’s masculinity. If a woman tests a man it’s a sign she desires him. Thus, a man should consider it a blessing when a woman tests him.

The Importance Of Fitness Tests

When at the beginning of courtship, if a man demonstrates he is incapable of leading a woman, he will be discarded and she will find another man who is capable of leading her.

Similarly, when in a relationship, if a man fails a woman’s Fitness Test, the woman will begin to withdraw and so the man will feel rejected. When a man feels rejected, he will also begin to withdraw. This creates a negative reinforcing cycle.

Men should embrace Fitness Tests because it means the woman is attracted to him. When a woman stops testing a man, it means she has lost attraction to him.

Furthermore, Fitness Tests are an opportunity for men to demonstrate their masculinity and competency.

Types Of Female Fitness Tests

Fitness Tests come in all shapes and sizes. However, they all fall within 3 primary categories: Congruency Tests, Compliance Tests and Commitment Tests. Below we’ll unpack each of them.

  • Congruency Tests

A congruency test is used to verify whether a man’s external representation who he portrays himself to be is congruent with his internal representation who he actually is. A congruency test is overcome with displays of integrity.

  • Compliance Tests

A compliance test is used to determine how agreeable or disagreeable a man is and how he approaches conflict. A compliance test is overcome with displays of resolve and boundaries.

  • Commitment Tests

A commitment test is used to verify how committed a man is to providing and protecting a woman and her offspring. A commitment test is overcome with displays of emotional interest love and desire.

How To Capitalise On A Woman’s Fitness Test

Fitness Tests aren’t passed, they’re capitalised on.

The key for a man to capitalise on a woman’s Fitness Test is to develop and then demonstrate characteristics associated with masculinity This includes assertiveness, confidence which results from competence, courage, decisiveness, honour, independence, leadership, mastery, persistence and strength. In short, it’s about showing up.

Whenever challenged with a Fitness Test, ask yourself one important question: “Am I behaving in a way that signals masculinity.”


Women have an innate biological need to reproduce with the strongest DNA possible. To facilitate this goal, they developed an adaptive function known as a Fitness Test.

A Fitness Test is a tool used to satisfy a woman’s hardwired primal need to ensure she could identify a man with the best genes for her future offspring by gathering vital information about his masculinity.

The key for a man to capitalise on a woman’s Fitness Tests is to develop and then demonstrate characteristics associated with masculinity.


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