Alpha Widow Explained Simply

Alpha Widow – All You Need To Know

In this post, we’ll unpack all you need to know about the concept of the Alpha Widow, defining exactly what it is, the potential dangers, how to navigate Alpha Widows and more.

What Is An Alpha Widow?

Alpha Widow is a term used in Red Pill circles to describe a woman who holds deep attachment and is still fixated on the man who, despite abandoning her, had the most significant impact on her life.

The Dangers Of An Alpha Widow

When a woman is abandoned by a High Value Man, he becomes her ideal. In other words, he sets the standard for the type of man she desires. She then constantly compares all other men to this standard.

The problem is, these expectations become almost impossible for most men to fulfil. Thus, there comes a point when a woman will, albeit reluctantly, “settle for less” ― usually driven by the desire for a man’s resources rather than Genuine Desire. This ultimately leads to resentment.

In fact, studies show that the more sexual partners a woman has, the more difficult she will find it to form healthy bonds with a man. She will also experience less marital satisfaction. Further, the more likely she is to commit infidelity and the more likely she is to initiate divorce.

This is why Alpha Widows tend to get stuck in the dating world for not being able to readjust expectations.

How To Navigate Alpha Widows

Unless a man can either meet or exceed a woman’s expectations that have been created by a previous relationship, he will never be able to truly fulfil her.

Therefore, there are two strategies for navigating Alpha Widows. You can either avoid them completely or you can become the ideal High Value Man that satisfies their Hypergamous desire.

Summary (TL;DR)

Alpha Widow is a woman who’s developed an attachment to a man who had the biggest impact on her life. The relationship with the man has ended, but her fixation on him has not.

When a woman cannot forget the past, it makes it harder for her to form healthy relationships in the future.

Thus, there are two strategies for navigating Alpha Widows. Either avoid dating them or become the ideal High Value Man that can satisfy their Hypergamous nature.

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