Peak State

Peak State – All You Need To Know

In this post, we’ll unpack all you need to know about Peak State, defining exactly what it is, the three forces that are necessary to cultivate it and more.

What Is A Peak State?

A Peak State(PS) is a high-intensity empowering state that allows you to perform at the highest level. When you are in a PS, you feel focused, energised and ready to conquer the world.

The Key To Success

Our emotional state drives everything that we do. Not only does it drive our decisions and actions, but it also shapes how we perceive, experience and interact with the world around us.

Thus, Peak States are key to achieving our goals and the quality of life we desire. The more we can successfully get ourselves into a Peak State, over and over again, the easier it will become.

How To Get Into A Peak State

Getting into a Peak State comes down to understanding Emotional Triad psychology. This involves mastering the three forces that determine your emotions ― your Physiology, your Focus and your Language. Below we’ll unpack each of these three forces in more detail.

  • Physiology

Physiology refers to everything that relates to your physical body. Motion creates emotion.

To harness the power of physiology, stand up straight, lift your head up, pull your shoulders back and push your chest out. Breathing deeply is another way to instantly transform your physiology and shift your state.

  • Focus

Focus refers to what you chose to place your attention on. Energy follows focus.

To harness the power of focus, channel your energy on the goals that you want to achieve and the quality of life that you desire. Gratitude is another way to instantly transform your focus and shift your state.

  • Language

Language refers to how you communicate to yourself and with others. Your words create your world.

To harness the power of language, use empowering patterns of speech and vocabulary that inspires you and maximises your emotional intensity. Turn “shoulds” into “musts” and “can’ts” into “cans”.


If you want to live an extraordinary life ― a life on your terms ― you need to learn how to master your emotions. More specifically, you need to learn how to get yourself into a Peak State.

A Peak State is a state that allows you to perform at your optimum level. Getting yourself into a PS involves mastering your physiology, your focus and your language.

Successfully and consistently getting yourself into a Peak State is the key to making effective decisions, achieving your goals and ultimately creating the life you desire.