The Art Of Fulfilment – The Key To True & Lasting Happiness

While achievement ― the process of turning your dreams into reality ― is essential to living an extraordinary life, it is not enough. That’s because true success isn’t measured by achievements. True success is measured by one thing: fulfilment.

What Is The Art Of Fulfilment?

The Art Of Fulfilment is the ability to truly live a full life of sustainable happiness ― it is about mastering the internal world.

The Art Of Fulfilment is an even more important skill to master than The Science Of Achievement because you can master the external world while still feeling empty internally. No level of achievement or material possession will ever lead to true and lasting fulfilment.

“Success without fulfilment is the ultimate failure.” Tony Robbins

The Art Of Fulfilment

Most people pursue what they want in order to feel fulfilled. However, the truth is, we can have both. We can pursue what we want ― our goals and dreams ― while simultaneously feeling fulfilled.

While achievement is a science, fulfilment is an art. That’s because what makes someone feel fulfilled is unique to each human being based on what we value and how we meet those values.

However, there are three universal principles that people can follow to create fulfilment. They are: Gratitude, Giving & Growing.

  • Gratitude

What you appreciate, appreciates.

When we are grateful for what we have, we see more of what we can be grateful for ― creating a self-perpetuating cycle. Gratitude is one of the easiest and best ways for improving one’s overall health and well-being.

  • Give

The secret to living is giving.

When we contribute beyond ourselves and give to others, we give to ourselves. Giving feeds our soul, makes us feel truly wealthy and makes us feel more connected to the people and world around us.

“There is no greater fulfilment than to touch and transform lives.” – Sadhguru

  • Grow

Progress equals happiness.

When we are growing, we’re able to give more. It’s a basic law of the universe that everything in life is either growing or dying ― that goes for health, wealth, relationships, business and everything else.


To live a truly rich life, you need more than just achievement ― you need fulfilment.

The key to mastering The Art Of Fulfilment is to be grateful for what we have, to give beyond ourselves to the people and world around us and to grow in every area of our lives. With consistent effort, through the practice and development of these three principles, feeling fulfilled will become your new norm.


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