The Science Of Achievement Explained Simply

The Science Of Achievement – The Formula For Success

In this post, we’ll unpack all you need to know about the Science Of Achievement, defining exactly what it is, the three forces to the Science Of Achievement and more.

What Is The Science Of Achievement?

The Science Of Achievement is defined by the ability to produce results. It is the process of taking anything you envision ― your goals and the life you desire ― and making it real.

There Is A Science To Success

There is a science to success. There are specific universal laws or rules that if you align with them, you’ll succeed but if you violate them you’ll fail.

For example, there is a science to health. If you align with the laws you’ll create “ease” in the body but if you violate them you’ll create “dis-ease.” Similarly, there is a science to money. If you align with the laws, you’ll be financially rich but if you violate them you’ll financially poor.

The 3 Forces To The Science Of Achievement

Everyone who has ever achieved anything, not just once, but on a consistent basis, are not lucky. There are specific universal forces that they tap into, consciously or unconsciously, which align them with success. These forces, which form The Science Of Achievement are: 1) Focus, 2) Massive Action and 3) Grace. Below we’ll unpack each force in more detail.

  • Focus

We get what we consistently focus on. We can all chose to focus on the reward of succeeding or the risk of failing.

While we may want to believe that we are constantly driving the direction of our focus, the uncomfortable truth is that we spend most of our time dwelling on what we don’t want or don’t have. When we allow ourselves to imagine and pre-emptively feel negative outcomes, we inform our brain and body to prepare for exactly this ― what we don’t want rather than what we do want.

When you direct your entire focus on what you want, when what you want consumes you every moment of every day, you unleash a power within you that allows you to overcome the setbacks and challenges you will inevitably face in order to see the process through to the end.

Your brain works like a servomechanism ― it is designed to align you with the behaviours necessary to get what you want. The clearer and more specific you are about what it is you want, the faster your brain can figure out how to get it.

  • Massive Action

Knowing what you want is not enough. You must take massive action.

If your current approach isn’t working, change it. Just like a child who is learning to walk relentlessly keeps trying until they succeed, you must continue, through trial and error, to alter your approach, until you find a breakthrough.

One way to accelerate the process is to identify someone who has already achieved the result you want, find out how they did it and then model their behaviours. By leveraging the lessons of those who have already figured it out, you can learn in a day what might otherwise take weeks, months or even years.

You can also harness the power of emotion to drive you to consistently take the actions necessary to move you closer to your goal. If used affectively, your emotions can guide you towards your goals. However, if used ineffectively, your emotions can guide you away from your goals.

  • Grace

Grace refers to all of the other elements that are present on the path to success ― those elements that we may not see and those elements that we cannot control ― that help us along the way. We refer to this force in many ways; some call it “God”, some call it “luck” while others call it “good fortune.”

We can have unwavering focus, we can take massive action, but success is not possible without the guiding force of Grace. The more you acknowledge and appreciate the grace in your life, the more it tends to show up and manifest in your life.


The Science Of Achievement refers to the ability to produce results ― taking anything you envision and making it a reality. The process involves three forces; Focus, Massive Action and Grace.

When you combine unwavering focus with effective massive action and life’s guiding force of Grace, you put yourself on the path of success and achieving anything you want.


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